Ø      If It exists, God is Omniscient AND Omnipotent

o       This implies uniqueness; thus God, not god(s)

Ø      Omniscient = Knowledge of "All"

Ø      Omnipotent = Control of "All"

Ø      "All" is defined in physics as:

o       Universal Laws of Physics (ULPs)

o       Universal Initial Conditions (UICs)

§         Infinite Detail of All Particles’ Information

·         Position

·         Momentum

o       Velocity

o       Mass / Energy

Ø      If it exists, True Free Will (TFW) is defined such that human decisions actually select and determine possible alternate realities. For TFW to exist, consciousness and human decisions can’t be pre-determined.

o       Cognitive Neurology combined with Quantum Mechanics (QM) identifies a mechanism (micro-tubules) for randomness to be linked with consciousness and possibly TFW (Penrose).

Ø      In a deterministic Universe, when humans derive a Theory of Everything (TOE) and possibly learn to control the ULPs, the perception of TFW can exist (ie. we can’t predict the future) because it is, in principle, impossible to know the UICs.


Deterministic (No TFW Possible)

Probabilistic “Copenhagen QM” (Random - TFW Possible)



(Not personal,


(1) OK – Self Consistent

§         A purely natural, scientifically self consistent physical Universe where “God =ULPs + UICs”

§         QM must be in principle ‘knowable’ at some level of physical law (GRW, Bohm’s pilot-wave, or hidden-variable theories)

§         Could be consistent with Tao, Hindu-Buddhist Theology w/o single God mandate

(2) Paradox – Is God not God ?

A.      God can control QM randomness from within UICs and ULPs – see (1)

B.      God can control QM randomness from outside UICs and ULPs – see (4)

  • Implies God must exist apart from the Universe (Exogenous)
  • If God is not Personal (Life, Consciousness, or Human Centered Purpose)

§         To what end and for what purpose would control be applied?

§         Argument used in support of Atheism

C.      God is emergent from within the Universe AND Mankind’s cognitive processes

  • If cognition is driven by UICs and ULPs – see (1)

If not…

  • Is QM consciousness and/or emergence of God mediated through micro-tubules?

If so…this is an endogenous verion of (4)

D.      QM is purely random – God is neither Omniscient nor Omnipotent – Paradoxical

  • Argument used in support of Atheism



(Uniquely individual, purposeful God-Man interaction, Benevolent- Exogenous)

(3) Paradox – What’s the point?

§         God can and does control all human decisions and already knows the outcome(s), so what’s the point?Paradoxical

§         Argument used in support of Atheism or Naturalism – see (1)

§         God creates ULPs and establishes UICs

§         Implies God sets up the Universe and lets it run for a purpose (ie. a computer program, Wolfram - NKS)

(4) Questionable – What’s the price of TFW?

A.      God can choose to selectively control human decisions via manipulation of QM and possibly a QM linked consiousness

  • Creating alternate realities where God (presumably) already knows the outcome(s)
  • Selectively eliminating TFW – see (3)

B.      Same as A, except God also chooses not to ‘know the outcome(s)’

  • Making TFW ‘interesting’ to It/Him/Her (and humans)
  • God selectively and voluntarily losing some Omniscience and consequently Omnipotence
  • Logical for Judeo-Christian or Islamic Theology
  • Could be consistent with Tao, Hindu-Buddhist Theology w/o single God mandate